Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

Name for our dog

People love dogs because dogs are intelligent animals. Dogs are regarded as having a high enough intelligence according to scientific research and field evidence. Dog intelligence level depending on race and each individual dog. Border Collie dog breeds known to adhere to and carrying out various commands. Other breeds may not be interested to obey human orders, but prefer to show ingenuity in other things such as herding livestock.

The origins of the dog as the offspring of wolves that live in groups makes the dog so it is more easily trained than other animals. As a member of the group, dog has the instinct to obey. Most dogs do not often have to deal with a tricky task-complicated, so there is no opportunity to learn difficult things like opening the door without human assistance. Dogs have been trained as guide dogs for the blind to recognize the various hazards and how to avoid the situation.

Our favorite dog we must give a good name. Suppose the Japanese names when we buff Japanese films. Examples of Japanese Dog Names, among others, Yutaka, Kintada, etc. can be found in Japanese Dog Names.

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