Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Origin of silicone rubber

Do you know about the origin of silicone rubber used our children? both for collection as well as for toys? Here is a historical explanation of these silicone rubber bands.

The original shaped silicone rubber bands were created in 2002 by a Japanese design team who wanted to introduce a more environmentally sustainable rubber band as an office product. Robert Croak,
owner of Toledo, Ohio-based BCP Imports (known for distributing the Livestrong wristbands), encountered the bands on a business trip and decided to re-purpose them as a toy by making them larger and thicker, and marketing them as a kids' fashion accessory.

Silly Bandz come in thousands of shapes, colors, and themes. On a wrist or ankle, they function like a regular bracelet, and when taken off they revert to their original shape. They are often worn many at a time and are traded like collectables. They can also be used for their original intent—as a regular rubber band or hair tie.Today they have also made them for your fingers(silly rings).

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