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Plant's vs zombie tricks for endless survival level

Plants vs Zombie
Beginning this gaming world in 2011 is booming with the plant's vs. zombies game. Here I will share the tricks played on the plant's vs zombie survival endless levels but at least get to the 30 flags to the top as I've played. For that as an essential condition you should already have all the tools (plants) that exist to buy it.

Consider the figure below, suppose that the land to grow at the level of survival have endless matrix as in the picture, so you can easily understand we let this land has 9 columns, A - I) and 6 lines.

Plants vs Zombie
At the beginning of the game, do not forget to buy a garden rake that at least will give you extra time to plant. The main priority of course sunflower Plant in column B, usually with the help garen rake you can plant three sunflower before the second zombie show (remember the first zombie to death by a garden rake directly that we bought) after that use peasoter and place it on the Colom C in accordance with the appearance of zombies.

In early flags, the priority of planting sunflower in column B and E, as well as for planting pertahnn we can peashoter in column C. Except in the pool, we can peashoter planting in column A with the help of course lily pad. on the initial flag, to the defense pool we can use to plant tall-nut that we can use to block the dolphin rider zombie in column G and H are behind him in the future can we planted sunflower on lily pad.

For the next flag, start a twin double sunflower from sun flower except in column B2, B5, E2, and E5 because the sunflower is one day we will change with leaf umbrella to deter theft attempts from bungee zombies. The flag is the start planting melon-pult and attempt also become a winter melon in column A, C and D. Except for the pool can be planted quite in column B, while try to replace peasoter in column A into cattail useful to disable ballon zombies and several zombies who managed to go even further.

Begin also to plant a spikerock spikeweed and attempt to put a halt to zombobi, zombie catapult even put a halt to gargantuar. The function of the winter melon is also to slow the movement of the zombies. First planting spikeweed or spkerock in column I and column G, while also planting in column F split peas to resist when there are Digger zombies. For that also use pumpkin safety in column F (split peas) and column A to protect winter melon from Digger zombie attack.

As much as possible (if possible) the entire plant except spikerock we give the pumpkin to protect from attack the zombies, and as much as possible to plant spikerock in columns G, H, and I for reducing the power of the zombies, zombies and even a screen door can be turned off when spend 2 lines this spikerock.

If there gargantuar attack, a weapon to hold in addition to spikerock we need to squash, jalapeno, and cherry bombs. And just keep planting spikerock when it has destroyed gargatuar. Oh yes, try to have a cattail as many as 3 columns (6 plants) in the back of the tall-nut on the pond to support the defense. And still maintain a column of winter melon in a swimming pool to maintain the course with tall-nut, too.

Here's a picture on the flag 30 which tense
Plants vs Zombie

While drawing on the flag 33 following a deadly
survival endless

Here picture of wishdom tree that has reached a height of over 370 feet

tree of wishdom

Below is a picture zen garden and its collection, full of easy to live a little (with a different type of course)
zen garden

below is zen garden aquarium
zen garden

While this picture is the zen garden last night to mushroom
zen garden

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