Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Blog templates

Well, here we will study how do arranging the appearance our blog.

Blogger Service very facilitate us to change the appearance our blog , very easy to someone only by changing template. We not necessarily skilled of Ianguage progamer, enough by choosing provided template.

There is two kinds of blogger template to a period of this, there is modeling template clasic to blogger old ones, and template newly. Where both owning a few differences.

For newly template facilitate us to add widget selected, more than anything else javascript from the third party we will add. Solution widget and javascript we don't study here.

Important to remember to consumers blogger, to always always and always ( if on blogger tips always, always, and always) download formerly template yg have been used as back up if/when newly template disagree with desire.

More than anything else if blogger you have contained widget, what a him good is also to save javascript widget ( in the form of code html) at your computer. Could be kept in notepad for example.

Karena pergantian template akan menyubabkan perubahan pada knten yg ada pada tempalte sebelumnya dengan konten yg ada pada template baru.

Commutation template at blogger can be done at arrangement layout at tab Template in Edit HTML, and select;choose newly

At model template newly ( is not classical) very easy to edit template. There is page;yard element, edit the color, edit html, and choice template.

Template also able to got from other party be like [at] blog this. blog this use template from isnaini dot com. Precisely template this:

Of course we modify in such a manner. For mas Isnaini, forgiveness to template in Nedy is My Web the name of mas do not vanish cause time I was edit template it to be him of place of of caw good, but to template in other menu there is still, forgiveness is yes mas. ( to mas Isnaini dot com).

And still many places where we can get template to bog our. Its way just wear search engine Google for example, hence with split second we can get the address web yg provide template for blogger our. Thus please try to change template your, but remembered always-always and always download formerly ( save)
your template. always success for yo.

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