Rabu, 17 Juni 2009

Blog Widget

Finally have to study this problem also. Widget, do not look for in dictionary exist yes, finally I have to define be like this. Possibly widget that yes a kind of page element or content, that clearly widget that is all kinds of.

To add widget at blog our, very easy to once when we wear new template blog , when classic more complex, because we must master at least HTML Ianguage.

First we must go to the menu template and we select;choose the page element.

Then remained to add a page element on that.

A lot of page element that provided blogger. There is enlisting link, archives, photo, text, profile, java script/html, feed/rss, polling, and other. To javascript usually we can get from third party. Solution java scrip possibly wait next time.

At arrangement of element situation blog we also very easy to, remain drag only, click and remain to shift.

Came is very easy if wishing to add widget at our blog?. please be tried. Hopefully succeed.

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