Kamis, 18 Juni 2009

Javascript & feed

Finally, this moment we study widget/ component blog which in the form of javasript and rss feed. Why do we wear this content? Yup of course, because all this contents is filling the usual addition we get from third party. Of course so that blog we more live with existence of all this contents.

In fact all widget/ content is javascript. But, all this contents have been provided by our blogger, hence we not necessarily look for the code html ( javascript) to make to live our blog.

content/ widget provided blog immeasurable enough, but we can add by yourself by adding the code html/ javascript good made in our own nor third party.

at this blog you see some javascript contents. For example walk article at gallery and banner that we create with javascript from bigoo.ws.

Besides still many, there is shoutbox from oggix.com, continue also is random sentence that we can from mahesajenar.com, is while random hadistnya from other site, Yahoo Messanger stats from isnaini.com, and still many other.

So just Come easy we look for the code html/javascrip a content/ widget that possibly we wish. Us can look for it in google, then copy and paste the code at widget which we wish. The example after we get javascript, step into the menu template facia your blog, then choose the page element and add the element HTML/javascript.

Then paste code javascript and keep. Don't forget to determine the place widget the ( with drag) then keep, and see the him result.

don't far differ to add a feed RSS, where function feed RSS can as newsticker our favorite web. Its way also easy to, look for web feed the continue the copy to feed ( page element) and arrange how much/many do amount headline yg we will peep out at our blog. example in this blog use feed detikinet.com.

thus very easy to once isn't it? try it, but remember always always and always download your template before performing a change. always
Successful for you!

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