Senin, 19 Juli 2010

About Background

Finally, studied also how to make blog background. Poppa Ipam have asked that, it is of course depended template which we make, some template can be changed that background, but some other cannot, because the template models is different . Be like template that used by Papa Ipam is (template harbor made in Douglas bowman), body it break, become difficult change that template.

Tried if use template like my property, template 3 column nyoba 780 from, but this have modified by me, thus as wide as 810. But [at] template blogger is koq yg can be altered that background. Be like template Denim creation Darren, Rounder likely also able to, Teris Scribe his creation Todd, Thisaway his creation Dan Rubin, Ms Moto creation Zeldman, and some other. Its characteristic tuh Bodynya behind page;yard posting. If Model Harbor is good, Harbor fullpage, caw is be bodynya ( break body ).

Okay if already decided who pake template where, just what we need backgrounnya fox. For example if the blogger who uses his own template's easier, but if the other party, such as who I used here (from needs to rescue her once on the widget, especially who manifold HTML / javascript. Remember, always, always always download an old template, n widgetnya (html code).

Okay who've converted to the template is compatible with changing the background? He5 (adjust the computer language), after it went into the html code. there is a code
body {
font: normal normal 72% Trebuchet, Trebuchet MS, Arial, sans-serif;
text-align: center;
margin: 0px;
padding: 0px;
background-color: #CCCCCC;
color: #4c4c4c;
background: #ffffff;
so that the sign of () it can be for the basic-depends for the basic template, then a fox with a code like this

body {
background:#4E95E6 url("") fixed;
font:12px Verdana;
font-size/* */:/**/13px;
font-size: /**/13px;

where to change one's own image URL ( could replaced with photo ours own. If I pake photobucket hosting, could also use something like GooglePages else, or geocitiesnya yahoo. so congratulations tried replace yaour background.


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