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The Cangar Hot Water Bath

The Cangar Hot water baths are attractions in Batu City. It is located in the northern part of the Batu City and is approximately 19 Km from Town Square taken between 1 to 2 hours of travel by private vehicles. Location of Thermal Cangar in Hamlet are taken to be the name of "Cangar" in the village Tulungrejo, Bumiaji district, Batu city. The scenery is quite interesting when you can enjoy the journey to Cangar Thermal Baths.

In the vicinity of the Cangar hot springs are found artificial caves Japanese heritage. In Cangar bathing areas are typically in the form of food Tape Ketan. You should not be surprised watching the forest creatures such as monkeys can live freely. The wildlife is freely hanging in some tree branches. Action of the monkey is certainly a complementary entertainment Cangar traveled thermal baths.

With a height of 1000m above sea level, Cangar is one of the producers of vegetables and apples, hot springs cangar itself comes from Mount Welirang, a mountain that produces sulfur in East Java. Baths and hamlets that is one access road into Pacet Mojokerto is in the Forest Park neighborhood R. Soeryo.
Pemandian Air Panas Cangar

It is said that the warm water in the pond is very healthy and can cure skin diseases. Besides the natural atmosphere Cangar mountains, will give you peace of mind and frees your daily routine for a soak in the pool. Time travel back to Batu City or you can visit Malang Tourism Pick Fruit and Flower Garden at Selecta simply complete your Travel trip. Are you interested in visiting Warm Baths Cangar?

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